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Dated: 01/15/2015

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Why move to the Big Island of Hawaii
“What if we went on a dreamy island vacation ... and never left?” Sometimes, on the right island, the question percolates: “What would our house look like? What about my job?” And sometimes, on the perfect island, the questions have answers. No place  inspires (and answers) these questions like the Big Island of Hawaii.” Hiking around an active volcano, tasting tropical fruit at a farmers market, finding an empty beach — this island has a knack for raising that priceless, whimsical question. And the best part: It keeps inspiring long after you’ve found the answer.Image title

Comforts of home on the Big Island
Moving to Hawaii is as realistic as moving to any other state. And the Big Island is equipped for a modern lifestyle. We have great Internet service, discount stores like Target and Costco. Plus, there are wonderful local fruits. We have the benefits of a Pacific island along with the United States’ infrastructure.

Houses for sale on the Big Island
A plantation-era house with a wraparound porch. An off-the-grid bungalow where you grow your own food. A compact condo with turnkey luxury. Whatever you’re in the market for, chances are you’ll find it on the Big Island. And since there’s plenty of real estate on this 4,030-square-mile island — yet considerably fewer people than nearby Oahu — chances are you’ll find the right price too. Your options are all over the map — from small-town Hilo to luxurious Kohala to active Kona — and so are prices. Find a two-bedroom bungalow for $350,000 or a five-bedroom spread for $1.5 million. 

Jobs on the Big Island
Trade in a fast-paced job for the slow  “I worked in Silicon Valley. Now I spend a lot of time snorkeling, going with the flow and writing for our blog.” Or start a new career like “My business partner and I were project managers for Bank of America. When we moved here, we used those skills to build Hilo Coffee Mill from an overgrown sugar-cane field to 24 lush acres.” No work visa to acquire, no language barrier to break through — just an island full of possibility.

Great island for: Everyone. 
Really. Small towns, big towns, hot weather, cool weather, primary schools, universities, golf, surf, volcanoes — the Big Island has it all.

First step to move: Just do it.
There’s no immigration process to navigate; all you have to do is call a mover and ship your belongings. 

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