Awesome Dog Rescue Big Island Hawaii

Dated: 07/31/2016

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If you are thinking of adopting a dog, please consider this organization.

The Aloha Ilio rescue organization, link below:

check out their Facebook page:

I just rescued a very cute male part Chihuahua and part Chinese Crested Chihuahua.

The process was very easy, we were able to go to see him at one of the foster homes, that was very clean and the dogs were all well cared for.

We brought our dog and they got to spend about an hour together while we talked and got some more history about him, Chorizo. 

We decided to take him home and paid $100, which helps cover the food, vaccinations, microchipping, licensing, and he was already neutered.

Successful Adoption Big Island Hawaii

Within the 1st 24 hours, the 2 dogs played, ate and bonded with the family!

Chorizo is the dog on the right, Peanut is on the left.

The Aloha Ilio Rescue organization rescues approximately 500 dogs from being euthanized each year, and helps place them in their forever home!

We are so pleased with the results. Another Successful Adoption and a special thanks to Daylynn, she's the best!!

If you want to buy a home to home in Hawaii for your family and your new dog, please contact me.

Best regards,Brent Ryan-Realtor RS Island Home Realty Inc. E-mail [email protected] 808-936-5991

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