A Tail Of Two Cats

Dated: 02/03/2015

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Our daughter in Rhode Island fostered our two cats as we made our transition to living in Hawaii. How to prepare your canine/feline for moving to Hawaii will be another blog - but just so you know, I went the whole nine yards prepping my boys.

Jared is about 13 years old and is meant to be  "the only pet" as he ruthlessly attacks other pets. Oliver was a fear-filled abandoned wild cat who finally learned to stand up for himself with Jared. But at my daughter's home, he became best buds with her male cat. It was a tough phone call when my daughter said that she thought Oliver would be happier staying in Rhode Island with Luke.  As much as I love him, even favored him over Jared, I had to admit that Oliver would be so much happier with Luke.

So Oliver stayed Image titlein RI and Jared made the the long trip here to Kona. Oh what a happy boy. I'm talking Jared, who never lived solely with us since he was rescued after being hit by a car when he was young.  Jared loved it here from day one. He has a great daily routine which includes dinner at 5:30 followed by watching the sunset.Image title

Oliver on the other hand gets to watch the snow fall ( three blizzards so far this winter) and snuggle with Luke when he's sleepy.

I guess the lesson to be learned by this, is to do what is best for the pet - not you. Re-homing your pets is not an awful thing to do when you know it is best for them.

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