A Real Estate Myth

Dated: 06/08/2015

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If you've spent any time in the real estate community you've probably heard the saying "buyers are Liars", I've even heard it extended to " and sellers are worse".  It seems that sentiment is born of Realtor's frustrations that the buyer's that they've worked with for months end up not buying anything that the Realtor's shown them and buy something completely different than they said they wanted. Why did they buy a 2 story when they said they absolutely did not want stairs?  How did they end up buying in Waikoloa when they started out saying they didn't like how windy it is there? 

From my perspective buyer's often don't know what they want ( even if they think they do...) until they have a chance to get into a few properties and start to narrow down what they  don't like.  When shopping for a home, especially if it's a new location to you, it's important to work with an agent that knows the area and the market. Also your agent should be willing to think outside the box and show you properties that have potential you may not see just from looking at the flyer. It takes an open mind from both parties, but this leads to finding the perfect property, and once you step foot into that perfect one you know you've found your new home. 

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Delania Branham - R(S)

How lucky I am to wake up everyday in my home in Hawaii! If you had asked me nine years ago if I would ever move to Hawaii the answer would be a resounding "No" and yet here I am. My motto is "Never....

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