A Hawaiian Custom Of Giving An Offering At A Sacred Place Called The Mermaid Cave

Dated: 02/05/2015

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Honoring the Sacred Places is an important ritual in acknowledging the Hawaiian Customs and paying respects to those that have passed before us.   Almost everywhere in the islands there is a special place that is honored by the local Hawaiian people as their ancestors & deities who lived in the area are remembered, acknowledged, and appreciated.

I was told that there was a cavImage titlee at a local beach that was called the Mermaid Cave.  In my quest to learn more about the Continent of Mu or Lemuria as it existed here in the Hawaiian Islands, I was drawn to search for this special place, as I learned that the Mermaids were one of the genetically modified species that still existed, and many Hawaiian legends including one from my own mother were remembered about them.  Called the "Wahine Mo'o" and other names, these half human-half fishlike beings were guardians of certain areas [in ocean & mountain regions], and assisted some communities in the natural ways of living & being. 

Photo of the Kaiwi Point Mermaid by Jeff Leicher April 1998, former owner of Jack's Diving Locker for World Weekly News:  http://bit.ly/1I6hbIQ

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Bringing fruit, gifts, Hawaiian salt, and ti leaves, I made an offering for the sacred site, in honor of the spirit residences of this amazing cave.   The Hawaiian custom is that an offering is given at the alter of the deity, songs were sung, dances, and a moment of prayer.

As we honor the ancient Mermaid of this cave, we can only hope that those who follow after us, come with the same respect that they would want, as if someone were coming to give them a visit... blessings to the ancient mermaid of the cave!

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