5 Reasons To Buy Your Island Home On The Big Island Rather Than Maui

Dated: 06/17/2014

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Each of the Hawaiian Islands are beautiful and unique, but having owned on Maui AND the Big Island, here are 5 important differences. 
1. Less traffic.  If you came from the mainland to get away from endless traffic and frustration, the Big Island, with fewer people and several alternative highways, is faster and easier to navigate than Maui.
2. It's bigger. With nearly 4,000 square miles to explore, who could get island fever?
3. Active volcano. The Big Island is growing every day.  Watch the lava spill into the sea by air or at night.
4. Ski and surf on the same day on the Big Island.  Ski or slip and slide down Mauna Kea after a new snow fall in the winter, and then race to the shore for a warm swim.
5. REAL ESTATE IS LESS EXPENSIVE ON THE BIG ISLAND. Abundant land and fewer people = your piece of paradise.

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