3 Secrets About Hawaii The Big Island That You Might Want To Know

Dated: 06/16/2014

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Hawaii's history goes way beyond the Hawaiians settling here and the Tahitians arriving, and of course, beyond Captain Cook proclaiming his part in its discovery.  Here are 3 Secrets about Hawaii that I have discovered in my quest to know more about this beautiful island that I live on.


Before the continental shift, when the islands in the Pacific were closer together, there existed a civilization that was said to be the Garden of Eden- a place called Mu, The Continent of Mu, otherwise known as Lemuria [named by Rome  ].  Hawaii is supposedly the mountaintops of this great continent that encompassed all of the Pacific, into the Americas, Australia, Easter Island and all of the South Pacific, and was the parent continent of Atlantis.  The people of Lemuria were highly advanced beings and could shift from 5-Dimensional to 3-Dimensional beings.  They knew how to harness natural powers using Crystal technology, Nuclear energy, and had wireless telepathic energy which helped them build the megalithic structures that we find all over the world today.  Supposedly the Maya, Inca, Tibet, Egypt & Hindu cultures originated from Mu.  The capital city of Mu was called Amakua.. now our Hamakua Coast of the Big Island. 

Monatomic Gold

According to Scientists & Physicists like Richard Hoagland, David Wilcock & Jim Maars, Monatomic Gold seeps out of the shoreline here on the West coast of the Big Island.  This form of gold is the only type you can drink, and its healing properties are amazing.  They say that this monatomic gold can upgrade your DNA, halt the aging process, open up your Pineal Gland, regenerate & rejuvinate your cells & heal you of any ailments including cancer, depression & grief.  When you swim in the turquoise waters in the areas off the Mauna Lani, Kua Bay, Hapuna, and anywhere you may see brackish water or fresh water seeping out of the shoreline.. jump in there, and drink the water with every part of your body.. within minutes, you will feel much better.  The only other place in the world that you can get this type of drinkable gold is in the Euphrates River near the Persian Gulf in the Middle East.

19.47 Degree Latitude Ley Line of the Earth

Hawaii is located on the 19.47 Degree Ley Line Power Grid of our Planet Earth.  According to Scientist Richard Hoagland, on Every Planets gridline of 19.47 there are power points like Jupiters swirling vortex of the Big Red Spot, on Venus there are active Volcanoes, and on the Big Island of Hawaii we have Kilauea the Active Volcano.  This 19.47 Degree ley line runs across the island, and offers magnetic powers, possibly due to the live iron elements coming out of the Earth here.  Because of that, we can see that our Thoughts, Feelings, Actions & Karma are magnified, and the motto "Goes around, comes around" is much quicker in terms of manifesting.  For those who come here to visit- they either say they are having a beautiful experience, or not.  Those that Are enjoying themselves and are having a beautiful experience, you can tell their hearts are beautiful.
If you would like to learn more about Hawaii and all of our special Secrets that are calling people to come, visit & make this your Home, keep in touch!  www.facebook.com/clairebajo and I can forward this information on Lemuria, 19.47 Degree Ley Line, and Monatomic Gold details to you!
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  • Posted by Cmvillega
    Aloha Claire, My name is Catherine Villega and I\'m interested in relocating to Hawaii, and just love what you believe in, and would like to work with you in finding the correct home for my Mom and I. My email address is [email protected], cell 720 201-7383.\r\n\r\nMahalo, Cathy

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