Washing Day For Mistress Bunny

Dated: 03/12/2015

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There were several nursery rhymes we all learned as children that talked about so many of our mothers' daily chores. They mostly placed washing as the Monday activity, rub-a-dub,rub-a-dub. And of course, Mama Animals also had chores, whether they were bunnies or kittens.

Aah, a washer and dryer. At least having a washing machine is convenient, even if you hang all your clothes outside.

When I was first looking at property here in Kona, I was surprised to see washers and dryers (W/D) outside of the house. Coming from an area with a definite four seasons, this was new to me. I drive by a house occasionally that has a washing machine and drying line under a tarp on the side of their house.  Really practical, just not particularly pretty because it's on the street side of their house. I also have seen older homes with the W/D on a pallet in a protected area, very practical again.

Next step up in laundry areas is the W/D in the carport or garage.  Houses on my cul-de-sac were built last year and most of my neighbors have them in the garage.  I have to sort my laundry into piles on the floor so I chose the house style that uses up 60 sf of space for a laundry room.  Here are some pictures from some local homes I saw recently. A carport laundry in a cute cozy home; and a up-scale home in a new development with an interior laundry with a granite folding table.

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Thankfully, we don't wear that much here in Kona, sundresses for the gals, t-shirts and shorts for the guys. Some days, it's a bathing suit all day. Easy-peasy laundry care. If that sounds appealing to you, let me know. I'd love to discuss living in Paradise with you.

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