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Dated: 07/02/2015

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As of yesterday, grocery stores across the entire state of Hawaii are banned from distributing plastic bags. Proudly, we are the first state to fully ban plastic bags.

The county of Honolulu, which entails the whole island of Oahu, the most populated island, is now enforcing the prohibition of offering plastic bags to customers at checkout. The ban was enforced in Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii the Big Island in 2012.

Contrary to what most people would expect, it was not the state legislature that passed this ban. It actually was the individual County Councils with support and help from the Surfrider Foundation, an environmental advocacy group.The group called the effort "a great example of local activists and decision-makers addressing the serious issue of plastic pollution."

Of course, this decision was based on the fact that plastic is not biodegradable therefore unwelcome in landfills, unsightly when caught in trees and rock, and deadly when ingested by marine animals.

We here in Hawaii have all gotten used to keeping sturdy reusable bags in our cars, and light-weight nylon rolled/folded bags in our purses and tote bags. It is such a little thing to do to maintain the natural beauty of our home, Hawaii.

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Aloha, Eileen

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