Always A Bridesmaid Never A Bride

Dated: 05/21/2015

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I think we've all heard the expression, "always a bridesmaid, never a bride".

That mentality can suit anything - even real estate. Recently, I toured a house with other realtors in my office. It was a fine house, well-made, the customary  3-bedroom 2-bath, a little waterview, easy-care landscaping, and well-priced for a new listing. And as we walked out we agreed to all those qualities - but there was nothing that made it memorable.  It was a "nice" house.

Yup, we all thought that it may be a bridesmaid because there was nothing that made it unforgettable.  A professional 6-burner gas stove would be impressive. A spacious master suite with a secluded outdoor shower is notable and seen in high-end homes in the resorts. Spiritual people, who make up a good portion of us, would truly love a secluded outdoor area with a waterfall treatment and either a comfortable bench for meditation or level area for a yoga mat.

I'm sure the listing broker will show this house to a lot of people. But deep down, I fear that it will stay on the market for awhile and will need constant small price reductions, say 5%, until it is just that much better to the homes in that particular price range. And then, the fact that it is quality-made or has that easy-care drip irrigation will be memorable for that price-range and it will be the chosen one. The bride.

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