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Do you think of Hawaii when you are not in the islands?

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If so, what do you think about, when the thought of Hawaii comes to mind?  Sunsets?  Turtles?  Beaches?  Happiness?  Healing?

Here are 5 Reasons why People Move to Hawaii [Big Island]

1.  You are "Called" here Spiritually, and don't know it -  Believe it or not, most people who move to Hawaii don't really know why they move to Hawaii, except that when they come to visit, they typically get familiar feelings of having been here before [even though it may be their first visit to the island].  They will experience the "Embracing" of the island, where they will get green lights everywhere they go, free parking, and meet people that feel like family... the weather will be beautiful for them, and they will see turtles, dolphins, and whales when they go out on their journey in the ocean.

2.  Your Passion becomes Alive - All of a sudden, you will be swimming with the dolphins in the bay and get an overwhelming sensation of someone etheric saying you are "Home", and you can see your life's true passion flash before you in your mind's eye.   Within days, you will feel the stars align and begin to research career paths you can take, or if you are retired, start to see yourself swimming with dolphins and turtles on a daily basis, or taking walks in beautiful places, and enjoying the fresh air, tasty Kona coffee, and healing waters.

3.  You Body, Mind & Spirit Start to Heal Itself Naturally - The Monatomic Gold that seeps out of the shoreline on the West side of the Big Island will awaken your senses and you will see your body heal itself within days of jumping in the ocean, or drinking the water in Kailua-Kona.  This Monatomic Gold element is a mixture of brackish water [fresh and salt water] that is the only type of gold you can drink, and is only available in West Hawaii, in the whole nation.  When you are snorkeling and you see the "murky" colder waters within the clear ocean waters, that is the monatomic element.  Upon entering the ocean, where you feel the ice cold sand, or see the turquoise waters, that is where you will want to take a gulp.  These areas have more fresh water, and you will feel fresh [not salty] when you come out of the water.  Some areas where you can feel this water are:

-Kua Bay, just north of the Kona Airport [look for the West Hawaii Veterans Cemetary sign], turn west toward the ocean [makai]

-Manini Beach, Manini Beach Road down in the village at Kealakekua Bay

-Pahoehoe Park, just north of White Sands or Magic Sands Beach on Alii Drive

-Mauna Lani, near the Mauna Lani Beach Club is where I have tasted the best water and felt that loving healing energy within minutes of gulping the water at the shoreline where the sand is icy cold

When you Drink this Water, Your DNA Upgrades, your Pineal Gland or Third Eye Opens, and Your Skin cells rejuvinate, whether drinking the water directly from the ocean, or drinking it in the older homes of Kailua Kona that get their water from the Artesian water tables of the older water wells.  Food will taste better, you will find that you become more aware of your surroundings, and your body immediately starts to heal itself.

4.  Your Thoughts are Magnified Here - You will notice that your Karma is immediate here, and that has to do with the Big Island of Hawaii being on the planets "Ley Line" that magnifies Thoughts and Feelings... so things come to you faster than on any other island, anywhere else in the world.    The Big Island is located at the 19.47 degree ley line of the planet which has power beyond our understanding... physicists such as Richard Hoagland, David Wilcock, and Nassim Haramein have studied this phenomena, and there are still researchers who utilize this energy to their benefit.  At the 19.47 degree of each planet, there is either a swirling vortex, a storm, a pyramid or mega-structure, or a volcano.  On the Big Island, we have Kilauaea Volcano, which is basically new earth being made.  This Iron-Ore based element causes a magnetic force on the island that creates an energy where your thoughts are magnified, so things come to you faster with what you are thinking and feeling.

5.  You Cry When You Leave the Island - If you start to cry, even before you leave the island, or on the plane as you are leaving here, that is a huge sign that you will return sooner rather than later, and that the island may be calling you back home to Hawaii.  According to my studies with this phenomena, your spirit has a past life memory, and you may have lived here in a time before this incarnation.  If this happens to you, study the Ancient Continent of Lemuria [also called Mu, or Motherland, The Continent of Mu], as Lemuria was the continent that sank in the Pacific about 13,000+ years ago, and the people who lived on the continent are now being reincarnated to return to Lemuria in Hawaii, to fulfill their life's true purpose. 

If you resonate with any of these reasons why you are being called to Hawaii, give me a call, and it will be more like therapy as you follow your heart and trust your intuition to guide you home to Hawaii.  When you let your conscience guide you, the perfect home/property comes on the market at the perfect time that you are ready to buy, and the stars align on this side for you-  You may receive more than expected when we work together to make the transition of your moving here as easy and smooth as possible.  I look forward to meeting you soon! 

Claire K. Bajo RS 57707 SRES CNE  | 808-756-4874

Spiritual Real Estate | Intuitive Fiduciary

Claire808@Hawaii.RR.com | www.facebook.com/clairebajo

Island Home Realty, Inc. RB 19983

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