4th Quarter 2014 Market Stats

Dated: 02/04/2015

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The Kona housing market is getting stronger but surprisingly sales are down in some areas  in the 4th quarter of 2014 over 4th quarter 2013. This may be due to consistently increasing prices, a trend that is expected to continue the next few years.

North Kona: Residential  down 6.67%

                        Condo            down 16%

South Kona: Residential  down 40.91%

                          Land            down 22.73%

North Kohala:  Residential up 100%

                              Land         up 114.29%

South Kohala: Residential up 36.73%

                            Condo down 14.58%

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Delania Branham - R(S)

How lucky I am to wake up everyday in my home in Hawaii! If you had asked me nine years ago if I would ever move to Hawaii the answer would be a resounding "No" and yet here I am. My motto is "Never....

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