3 Things About Hawaii You Might Want To Know

Dated: 01/04/2015

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{mls: 278194}   Hawaii calls many different types of people to the islands.  For one reason or another, whether it's the Ocean Views, or the spacious natural terrain and rolling hills, many people buy Real Estate in Hawaii because they are "called" for one reason or another.. could be for a job, a business opportunity, choosing a safe warm place to raise a family within the United States, or for spiritual reasons that have no logic except that when you leave Hawaii they start to cry and feel sad like they are "leaving home", and when they are off-island, they can't wait to return home to the islands. 

For whatever reason, you may find that you were meant to be here in Hawaii once you arrive & stay for a while.  If this is you, there are 3 things that you might want to know:

19.47 degree Ley Line of the Planet and Geomancy of the Big Island

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[Diagram courtesy of www.DeepInfo.com]

If you've ever studied the Solar System or the scientific conferences of Richard Hoagland or David Wilcock, they speak of the interesting vortexes on each planet [like Jupiter's swirling Red Spot, Sun spot activity, Mars Volcano, the Big Island's Kilauea Volcano sits on the 19.47 Ley Line that runs through the island.  On this Ley Line, interesting phenomena happen that cannot be explained.  According to my studies, it seems your thoughts are magnified when you are near this line, so karma can be immediate.  Your prayers are answered as soon as you ask, and most people are walking their true life's purpose because when you reside on or near this ley line, the truth cannot be denied, including your true life's purpose for being on the planet at this time.  Many people feel that the Big Island calls them "home" even though it may have been their first trip here.  If this is you, I would be honored to help you find the perfect place that nurtures your reason for being here, and introduce you to people that are just like you, or of like-mind.

Big Island is the Healing Island

The Big Island is known for it's Healing Powers because of the 13 different micro-climates with their different soil contents & native herbs that are found here, the natural landscapes of raw land including lava rock, dirt, fresh water & fresh salt water, rich minerals that seep out of the shoreline and mountainsides, one of which is called Monatomic Gold - the only type of Gold that you can drink.   

This Monatomic Gold seeps out of the shoreline on the westside of the island [where the turquoise waters are located], and we drink it in our tap water as it sits in the watershed that is mixed with half fresh, half salt water.  According to scientists Richard Hoagland and Jim Maars, the only other place that you can find this gold is in the Euphrates River in the Middle East, so the Big Island is the only place in the nation that this type of drinkable salt water can be found.  This water has the ability to replenish your cell & skin membranes, upgrade your DNA, and open your Pineal Gland-Third Eye.  Many people come to the Big Island to heal themselves of cancer, depression, grief, loss, change, and swimming in this Monatomic Gold, and immersing your whole body in the ocean will do wonders for healing your mind, body & spirit.

Lemuria - The Continent of Mu - Hawaii

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Many people have a calling or a memory of being in Hawaii, and it may have been from a past life.. they aren't sure why, but they have dreams of being hula dancers, or Egyptian Gods & Goddesses in temples here.  As a Realtor, I have studied why people would buy Real Estate on an island with a live volcano.. and come to find out, most people don't know why they buy here.. only that they cry when they leave like they are leaving family and their home, and dream of returning.. or may have drawn pictures of dolphins and whales as children, never having seen one yet.

For these people, I mention the ancient continent of Mu or Lemuria as many would call it.  This continent that sank at least 13,000 years ago encompassed all of the Pacific Ocean, including parts of Alaska, Japan, Canada, Washington, California, Easter Island, Australia, New Zealand, Phillipines, and toward South America and the Atlantic [Atlantis was a sister continent of Lemuria].

What seems to be happening now in these times, and since this is the Age of Aquarius and many prophecies are being fulfilled, is that people are no longer able to deny their true hearts purpose for being here, and many are being called to Hawaii to fulfill their soul's purpose from the times of Lemuria.  

If any of these reasons intrigue you about the Big Island, and you feel you are being called here, please call me at 808-756-4874, and I can help you find your place here.  I too feel that I have been called here to the Big Island to help those who are searching for their life's purpose, and feel I am here to connect people.. with the Land, the People of Like-Mind, and get you in touch with your spirits true calling.  

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Claire K. Bajo RS SRES CNE 808-756-4874
Spiritual Real Estate | Intuitive Fiduciary
Claire808@Hawaii.rr.com | www.ClaireBajo.org
Island Home Realty, Inc. | RS-57707
22 Years in the Real Estate Industry
Holistic Chamber of Commerce | Hawaii Chapter
Aloha Spirit Law HRS 5-7.5

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