3 Steps To Purchasing A Home In Hawaii

Dated: 07/02/2014

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It's easy to Purchase a Home in Hawaii, especially when you are prepared ahead of time.  Most people come to Hawaii and want to buy, but they haven't gotten their finances in order, or maybe they need to sell something before they can buy here.  Here are 3 Easy Steps to Buying in Hawaii that might help:

Choose a Helpful Professional Realtor

Choosing a Realtor early on in your Hawaii buying experience will help you immensely when you are ready to make the move to Hawaii.  A Hawaii Realtor will give you a helpful hand in many aspects:
1]  MLS Search - Putting you on the MLS Search so you can start Shopping & Visualizing the best home that fits your needs and your families expectations & budget.  Do you need a fenced yard for the pets?  Or maybe you'd like to be near the ocean so you can go swimming before or after work - a Professional Realtor can help you fine tune the search.
2]  Long-Distance Purchases - For those who are buying a property Long-Distance [and many people do, because they are just visiting when they fall in love with Hawaii], they need a great Realtor who will go the extra mile for you!   Things I like to do for my clients to help give them Peace of Mind when buying long-distance are:
-Video Preview - I will run and get a Video Preview of a unit for you immediately at your request, once you see something that inspires you to make a move forward.
-Realtor Point of Value - I will make sure you are aware of any types of items of concern that may affect value to the property that come to my attention [ie. termite damage, dry rot, leakage, flood zones, lava zones, rust, etc.], as well as send you the Comparative Market Updates for the area, to give you an overview of recent sales.

Get Pre-Qualified or Have a Bank Statement Ready

Most Buyers are at the beginning of their search when they fall in love with Hawaii while they are here on vacation... and that's perfectly fine!  What a good Realtor will do is give you list of Licensed Hawaii mortgage brokers who can shop the nation for the best loan that fits your needs, so that when you are ready to make an offer on a Home you've been searching for, you are Pre-Qualified and can prove to the Seller that you are more than prepared to take care of this property as you submit the offer.  Some banks in the nation are able to finance in the State of Hawaii, but typically what happens is the mainland institutions are not aware of Lava Zones, Hawaii Shorelines, and will take a longer time asking you the Buyer questions and requesting more financial documents to make sure they are aware that you know what you are buying. 
If you are buying in Cash, a Bank Statement submitted with the offer will most times guarantee the Seller reviews your offer more seriously then any offer that may not submit the Proof of Funds.  This shows the seriousness of the Buyer, and, along with a good Earnest Money Deposit, will typically cause the Seller to seriously entertain the offer, over the rest of the stack of offers that may come in.

Know What's Important to You, the Buyer

Knowing what yours and your families needs are when you are first shopping around, is key to a successful transaction in Hawaii.  What I tell my clients is that when you are ready to buy, you will want to be as educated in the area that you are buying as possible.  Is the Home near schools or golf, shopping centers, or away from all of the hustle & bustle.. whatever your needs are, you will want to communicate that with your Realtor.  If you are planning to use your property as a Vacation Rental when you are not here, or until you get here - you will want to inform your Realtor up front, as some properties may only allow 30 days or more on Rentals, so your Realtor can double-check that option for you.
Once you have decided to make a move to Hawaii, please call or text me anytime at 808-756-4874.  I would be happy to connect you with the MLS Market Updates and send you a List of Vendors and Financial lenders who can help make the transaction as smooth as possible for you.
Keep in touch!    ..is Hawaii calling You Home?  ..Follow your Heart.. Trust your Intuition...
Claire K. Bajo RS SRES CNE | 808-756-4874 | Claire808@Hawaii.rr.com
Senior Real Estate Specialist | Certified Negotiations Expert
Holistic Chamber of Commerce - Hawaii Chapter
Aloha Spirit Law  HRS 5-7.5 | RS-57707

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