3 Signs That Hawaii May Be Calling You Home

Dated: 03/04/2018

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When visiting Hawaii, do you cry when you leave?  While touring the islands, do you notice a certain place may feel "familiar" to you?  Do people that you meet feel like family sometimes?  Do you have to book your next flight to Hawaii before you leave the islands?  If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, you may be moving to Hawaii very soon!

Many people are called to Sacred Places in Hawaii- Kilauea Volcano, Queens Bath at Kiholo, and even our Sacred Mountains like Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, or any of our beautiful Beaches like Kua Bay or Hapuna Beach Park .  But why are you being called to these places?

For those who are being called to Hawaii, the chances are that you may have lived here in a past life, and you are being called to fulfill your Soul's Purpose.  If this is you, here are 3 Signs that You May be Called to Hawaii, and what to do.

3 Signs that Hawaii may be Calling You Home:

1]  A FEELING OF "HOME" COMES OVER YOU:  Whenever I ask people why they are considering buying property on the Big Island of Hawaii where there is a live volcano, they will typically say, "I'm not sure why, but I cry when I leave and must book my flight back here before I go".. or they will say, I had looked at properties on other islands but when I landed on the tarmac at the Kona Airport, I immediately felt the sense of "Home" come over me".  And yet others will say, "I didn't feel the calling until I swam in the ocean and an overwhelming feeling of someone saying "You're Home" come over them.  If you have experienced any moments similar to these, you are being called to Hawaii, and to "know" or "trust" that everything will work itself out when you BeLieve and Have Faith. [That's what happened to me, when I moved here on a whim from Oahu.]  Having Trust in a Higher Power, Believing that Good Things come to You, and Having Faith at all times will be most effective to your Success here in Hawaii, especially when Buying a Property here.

2]  GREEN LIGHTS & FREE PARKING:  Typically the signs reveal that you were meant to be here if you are getting lots of Green lights, free parking, meeting Beautiful people in random places, and having a great time as if you were in Dreamstate, very surreal.  All of these are signs that you are at the perfect place at the perfect time, and that if you do decide to make Hawaii your home, the way will work itself out more than perfectly for you.. you can Trust that.

3]  DREAMS, THOUGHTS & SYNCHRONICITIES:  If you have ever had Dreams of Hawaii as a child, or even as an Adult, having a Deja'Vu of being in certain places while you are visiting the islands, you may be bringing up memories from a past life here.  Some children will draw pictures of Dolphins or Whales, never having seen one yet.  Some adults will see Hawaii in their day; on a bus, in a cafe, or someone may mention Hawaii in passing.  All of these are indications that You are meant to be in Hawaii.

If any of these signs connect with you, You may be called to Hawaii, and in this case, the way will work itself out for you!  Keep Following Your Heart, and Trusting Your Intuition, and give me a call..

Claire K. Bajo | 808-756-4874 | Claire808@Hawaii.rr.com

REALTOR RS-57707 SRES CNE  | Spiritual Real Estate Agent | Intuitive Fiduciary

It will take some planning for you to get here, but together, we can help guide you to the easiest and best way to Move to Hawaii-  Ok, see you soon!

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