3 Bedroom Homes For Sale Under 200k In Hawaii

Dated: 06/09/2017

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 May 11th, 2017

Picture a nice home with 3 bedrooms, maybe even on a whole acre and the price being under $200,000.…no not a tiny condo, a stand alone house with multiple bedrooms and a yard. Now I know what you are thinking, this home must be in Alabama or somewhere else “affordable” on the mainland, but what if I told you there were homes like this for sale right now in Hawaii?

 Yes, right now in May 2017 here in paradise, one of the most beautiful islands on the planet, there are over 60 of these affordable homes for sale and they are here on the lush windward side of Hawaii island aka “the Big Island”. Most of these homes are in great condition too and some even have mature fruit trees growing in the yards ! 

Hawaii island is one (possibly the only?) affordable place to own real estate in all of Hawaii, especially here on the windward side, which is where the Puna and Hilo districts are. I live here in the Puna District in Pahoa and can share many details with you about life here. It’s a tropical jungle paradise with cute small towns and many natural wonders to explore like black sand beaches, tide pools, hikes and lava and only 20-30 minutes from the larger urban area of Hilo

Contact me today to learn more about these affordable homes for sale in Hawaii and see about having your own little piece of paradise!

Rebecca Corby (RS)


Island Home Realty, Inc.

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